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I have considerable experience of teaching, both at the undergraduate and Master's level. My teaching focus is on EU, party, and Irish politics. In addition to developing traditional academic modules, I have also developed more applied modules on EU politics, focused on students working together to develop an ambitious project that improves engagement with EU policy-making (please see Engaging Brussels below). The consistently high module evaluations that I received for my work led to me being nominated for the Dermot McAleese Teaching Award in 2021. In addition, I also have experience of teaching research design at the PhD level, as I taught a guest seminar on advanced case selection for UCD's Qualitative Methods module. Please see the syllabi below:

Academic Year 2022/3 (UCD):

INRL20160 Introduction to EU Politics

POL40970 Politics of European Governance

POL42090 Engaging Brussels

POL4042460 Understanding Political Parties

Academic Year 2021/2 (TCD):

POU33032 Irish Politics B: Policy-making and Northern Irish Politics

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