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Johnston, Samuel A. T. and Harrington, Sinéad C. M. (2024). 'Campaigning in the Dark: Theorising Campaign Strategies from the 2022 Seanad By-Election', Irish Political Studies, 39:1, 1-23. 

Supplementary Materials available at: 


Johnston, Samuel A. T. (2023). 'Fixing the Boundary of a Nation: How the European Union Influences Nationalism in Contemporary Europe', Comparative European Politics, forthcoming. 


Johnston, Samuel A. T. (2023). ‘Choose Your Target Wisely: Explaining Nationalism’s Variation in Contemporary Europe’, West European Politics, 46:1, 196-218.

Replication data available at: 

Johnston, Samuel A. T. and Sprong, Stefanie (2023). ‘Seeking an Adversary: The Radical Right and the Saliency of Pro-Immigration Positions in Green Party Speeches’, Party Politics, 29:2, 347-358.

Replication data available at: 



Johnston, Samuel A. T. (2020). ‘The 2019 European Parliament Elections in Ireland’, Irish Political Studies, 35:1, 18-28.

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